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Wealth Management

At Exchequer Risk Management, we understand the importance of effective wealth management when it comes to overseeing your financial well-being.

Wealth Management

A common misconception is that wealth management is only for the affluent, when in fact, everyone can benefit from financial advice, investment management, tax guidance, estate planning, and legal assistance. Our wealth management consultants can help you leverage your financial assets and make your wealth work for you.

What Is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is an advisory service for clients and businesses who wish to have a company/firm to have their finances and investments professionally managed. In which, wealth management advisors utilise information about the client’s, their objectives and their financial situation, to then tailor a personalized guidance plan to help manage a clients or businesses finances/assets more efficiently. This is done on either a discretionary or advisory basis.

Wealth Management at a Glance...

However, wealth management services are not necessarily confined to these two approaches (discretionary and advisory). Every consultant offers their own guidelines on how they operate, and ultimately it is up to the client or business whether they wish to invest in wealth management services.

Discretionary Wealth Management

Discretionary wealth management typically refers to situations where the consultant directly oversees the client/business’s finances and assets which are in line with instructions given by the client or business itself. This means we can manage your finances or assets without needing to confirm with the client/business.

With advisory wealth management, consultants provide recommendations on how to manage your finances based on your preference and attitude to risk and circumstances. This also means that you as the client will be consulted and have the final word before any changes are made.

Our Wealth Management Services

Wealth management advisors essentially help direct and manage your personal or business finances and assets, along with creating pre-emptive and strategic plans for your current and future needs. Wealth management consultants can provide advice in almost any financial field. However, many choose to specialise in particular areas which are either based on the expertise of the wealth consultant, or the primary financial objectives of the client/business.

Our wealth management services include:


Investment management​


Managing your income and earnings


Successfully safeguarding your assets


Legal guidance


Retirement planning


Taxation guidance

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How Do Wealth Management Consultants Operate?

Before strategising ways of managing your wealth, we focus on familiarising and getting to know your situation, by:

  • Assessing your current situation and establishing your future goals for either protecting, preserving, or expanding wealth/assets
  • Determining the level of involvement you want to have with our wealth managers
  • Protecting your assets
  • Expanding your wealth
  • Passing on your wealth/assets

Exchequer Wealth Management consultants discuss any existing plans you may have and what your long-term goals are. From that, we will draw up a strategic plan for you to review and approve. Additionally, we will keep an eye out for any financial opportunities and respond promptly to your needs should you wish to make any changes.

Why Invest in Wealth Management?

Wealth management can be a reliable service to invest in as it can be a tremendous burden and overwhelming task for you or your business to manage financial affairs, especially if you do not have the means or expertise to do so yourself.

Whether you have a lot of assets, investment, income, or taxation to be managed, or intend to maximise profit/earnings, it can become difficult to keep up with the complexities of managing it by yourself without making errors.

Having professionals to help you administer your investments, financial planning, and preserve your assets makes it less likely for you to make potential oversights that can result in severe financial risk. Not everyone can deal with complex financial matters they have, notably since the legalities involving investments or taxation are constantly ever-changing.

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    Wealth Management FAQs

    When it comes to financial planning and working toward your financial goals, it’s natural to have questions. We can provide some answers to your wealth management questions designed to help you make more informed decisions about your money and help you decide whether wealth management may be the right choice for you.

    What is the difference between Wealth Management vs. Portfolio Management?

    Wealth management offers more extensive financial planning than portfolio management. It includes comprehensive guidance on a client’s financial situation on almost every financial field, whether it be investment management, retirement planning, dealing with taxation etc. as well as provide general financial advice and guidance. Portfolio management refers to a service which mainly focusses on formulating investment strategies on behalf of a client. In which, they advise and strategize on what investments will help minimize risk and maximize returns, but typically does not include other financial planning services.

    In short, investing in a wealth management service can be fairly costly. The type of service offered by a wealth management firm is best suited to affluent clients and businesses. It really is depending on what type of wealth management you go for. Whilst you may not require wealth management now, your needs are likely to change over time. It is always best to make financial plans sooner rather than later, especially if you have any long term plans for expanding or preserving your wealth.

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