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Health Insurance

Health insurance can help cover you for the cost of private healthcare.


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Many invest in health insurance for speedier access to healthcare that the National Health Service (NHS) may not provide as efficiently.



Health insurance can provide improved access to benefits regarding medical care, or simply quick access to diagnosis and medical treatments that may not be accessible via the NHS.



It is important to make sure your health is fully protected and taken care of, something which health insurance can help provide especially if you have any serious illnesses.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance policy that helps to cover the cost of private healthcare. Despite the UK being known for its National Health Service (NHS), many people still invest in private health insurance for speedier results. This is usually since it can provide improved access to benefits regarding medical care, or simply quick access to diagnosis and medical treatments that may not necessarily be accessible via the NHS.
There are multiple types of private healthcare policies that can provide you various levels of insurance cover that indeed varies in cost depending on the type of health insurance policy you invest in. However, the premise of health insurance is that you pay a monthly or annual fee that covers the costs of your health insurance policy plan, so that should you ever need medical treatment that your insurance policy covers, you wont have to worry about seeking the support you require.

What can health insurance cover?

Individual health insurance can give you fast access to medical care if you become ill or injured, avoiding lengthy NHS waiting times. Before you start comparing policies, check if you might already have private health insurance through your employer.

Joint health insurance covers the health of both you and your partner. It can be cheaper than taking out two separate policies, although this isn’t always the case.

Family health insurance can cover your whole family under the same policy. This can sometimes work out cheaper than buying individual cover for each family member.

Child health insurance covers the cost of private healthcare for your child if they become ill. It gives you reassurance that they’ll get fast treatment in private hospitals and clinics. Currently, you can’t compare standalone child health insurance through us.

How does private health insurance work?

Private health insurance works in a similar way to other types of insurance. You’ll pay a monthly or yearly amount, known as a premium. You’ll also agree an excess, which is the amount you pay towards any claim you make. In return, you can claim for the cost of private medical treatment you receive, rather than paying for it all yourself or getting it on the NHS.

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What does health insurance cover?

What is covered by private health insurance will depend on the type of policy you choose. Private health insurance can cover:

  •  Tests and appointments: Diagnostic tests, consultation appointments and services like physiotherapy and sometimes psychiatry
  •  Inpatient treatment: If you need to stay in hospital, health insurance may cover inpatient treatment like tests and surgery
  •  Out-patient treatments: Some health insurance policies cover out-patient treatments (such as specialists and consultants)

What types of health insurance policies are available?

Private healthcare policies also range from basic through to comprehensive.

  •  Basic policies: typically cover any in-patient treatment you might need and the cost of your hospital stay.
  •  Medium policies: typically cover all of the above, as well as outpatient treatments.
  •  Comprehensive policies: typically cover full in-patient and outpatient care, plus extra support like mental health care, physiotherapy and home nursing.

How much does health insurance cost in the UK?

This depends on your individual circumstances. It’s worth considering private health insurance if you want quick access to healthcare, or want to ensure you are protected from any sudden, large private medical bills. Health insurance won’t cost the same for every person – your policy will depend on different factors, including:


Age can be an important factor in how your health insurance premium is calculated. As you get older, you become more at risk of developing health conditions and needing medical services.

If you’re a smoker, this will affect your premium as you’re seen as higher risk. Reducing your alcohol intake may also help bring costs down.

Comprehensive health insurance is more expensive than a basic policy, so decide if more extensive cover is needed if you’re looking to keep costs down.

The higher you pay in excess, the more you’ll contribute towards your healthcare costs – so the lower your premiums will be.

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    Health Insurance FAQs

    Can I add people to my health insurance plan?

    Yes, you can add your partner or dependents onto your policy at any time. The cost of your couple’s health insurance or family health insurance will depend on several factors, including where you live, your ages, your health and how much excess you choose to pay.

    Most private health insurance policies won’t cover you if your fall unwell abroad, but it’s best to check this with your insurer as policies do vary. With this in mind, it’s important that you take out medical travel insurance when travelling outside the UK, so you can be protected against the unexpected.

    You’ll likely need to be over 18 to take a policy out for yourself, but under-18s can usually be added to their parent or guardian’s policy – again, it’s best to check beforehand with your provider. Some providers might have upper age limits, but even if they don’t you can generally expect to pay more the older you are when you take out a policy.

    Pre-existing conditions, and related ailments are often excluded from your policy because health insurance is designed to treat new conditions that occur after your cover has started. It’s important to understand what won’t be covered on your private health insurance policy. For example, your policy may not cover any chronic conditions you have.

    Private medical insurance in the UK works alongside the NHS. It focuses on providing quicker access to treatment, with more choice about who treats you, and where. Moreover, anyone with health insurance can still use all services offered by the NHS.

    Not at all. You’ll still be entitled to free treatment on the NHS even if you choose to pay for additional private care.

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